Huaptec in Europe

Huaptec Co., Ltd. is the international corporation, specializing in manufacture and supply of mobile signal enhancement solutions to the global market. Within last 5 years the company established regional offices in India and the USA, and in summer 2015 it announced the official opening of European Office in Germany under the name of Huaptec Telecom GmbH.

The main goal of Huaptec Telecom GmbH is to offer European clients an original high-performance brand product able to compete and obviously prevail in the telecommunications market. What makes us be so sure about the solid position in the new economic domain and clients’ preference? Learn the following advantages we base our European policy on.

We Produce and Not Resell

  • Huaptec is a mobile signal boosters supplier directly from the manufacture line without reseller intermediary. In other words, since we’re producers, there’s no need to add extra charges to the overall product cost. We’re free to sell our boosters at their real price.
  • Huaptec Company is a cell phone signal systems manufacturer from A to Z. In the course of production each booster passes multi-step quality control. It's performed on 89 units of high-precision equipment and takes up to 1 week. As a result, we’re able to measure if the booster satisfies all technical and safety parameters specified in its characteristics and if it performs correctly for the clients.
  • What you pay for is an original product of supreme quality from manufacturer and direct supplier. In the core of Huaptec mobile boosters we put innovative intelligent software - automatic gain control. It establishes the balance between a booster and a mobile base tower. Thanks to the software, the system provides mobile signal enhancement of exactly that power your area needs and minimizes noise up to zero level. 

We Follow European Legislations and Not Ignore Them

  • Huaptec quality is acknowledged by the compliance with European directives. Our products passed tests in German accredited test laboratories and obtained CE certification in conformity to European health, safety and environmental legislations.
  • Huaptec Telecom GmbH boosters are also RoHS-compliant and meet the restrictions of non-use of hazardous substances in the manufacture process.
  • Huaptec got ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and the product production is implemented in strict conformity with this standard. 


We Deliver from Europe and Not China

  • Huaptec Telecom GmbH disposes of its own warehouse in Germany. The packages we ship from there are fully insured and each item is carefully packed in a durable foam case and export carton.
  • As soon as your order is sent we provide you with a tracking number, so that you can trace it on your own. Thanks to well-organized logistics and cooperation with widely recognized European express couriers, such as DHL, FedEx, etc., cell phone boosters are delivered within 2- 3 business days right to your hands and without delays.
  • Since our packages are shipped from the EU and do not cross any borders on the way, you’re free from customs clearance charges.  


We Provide Service and Not Just Sell

  • Huaptec Telecom GmbH Support Team is glad to come to your help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter in what time zone you are, thanks to Huaptec global network of regional offices, we are at your disposal any time.
  • Our managers are all professional technical experts competent in anything about mobile signal boosters.
  • Huaptec Team is international and multi-language, so that we’re always ready to support you in English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.
  • We’re quick and well-timed in our assistance. Whatever question you ask us either before or after the purchase, you’ll get a reply within 24 hours.


Huaptec European Office Huaptec US Office Huaptec Chinese Office
Phone/Fax: (44)20 3239 5808, (49)170 854 05 09
Address: Benno-Strauß-Street 7, 90763 Fürth, Germany
Phone/Fax: (972) 870-5666
Address: 6210 N Belt Line Rd., Ste. 110, Irving, TX 75063
Phone/Fax: 086-0755-29921615
Address: 5th FL, E BLDG, Sogood Science Park, Hangkong Road, Xixiang, Bao'an,
Shenzhen, China 518102