Digital Single System 23-30 dBm

Digital mobile signal booster 23-30 dBm

DS23/27/30 Single

2-Year Warranty
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  • Networks EGSM/DCS/WCDMA/LTE800/LTE1800/LTE2600
  • Coverage up to 3000/4000/5000 m2
  • Supports 8 sub-bands and 12 channels
  • ETSI and 3GPP 3GPP2 technical standards
  • Manual and automatic gain control (MGC and AGC)
  • Local and remote control software (optional)
  • Overview

    Huaptec DS 23, 27, 30 are digital cell phone boosters used to extend mobile providers’ networks. These systems are cost-efficient cellular solutions, which allow improving signal coverage without establishing new BTSs. The system is adjusted strictly to the bandwidth at which mobile provider performs. It support 8 sub-bands and up to 12 channels per customer’s request. In case it’s necessary to change the band frequency, the user can easily do it thanks to SDR technology in the digital repeater.

    DS 23, 27, 30 cell phone boosters cover areas from 3000 to 5000 m2. The models are suitable for large buildings like airports, railway stations, tunnels, shopping malls, etc. and open rural zones.

    For your repeater you can choose:

    Coverage area: DS23 – up to 800 m2
                           DS27 – up to 1500 m2
                           DS30 – up to2000 m2

    One network: EGSM/DCS/WCDMA/LTE800/LTE1800/LTE2600


    1) SAW filter technology
    DS 23, 27, 30 digital cell phone boosters amplify only those mobile bands, at which cellular operator renders its services. The intermediate SAW filter provides full rejection of signal bands of other operators.

    2) Manual gain control (MGC)
    Thanks to MGC function it’s possible to regulate the booster’s uplink and downlink gain manually according to the outdoor signal reception conditions. It helps to provide more accurate and secure coverage improvement, avoiding interference with other areas.

    3) Automatic gain/level control (AGC, ALC)
    Due to AGC and ALC circuits the cell phone booster automatically adjusts its uplink and downlink gain depending on the input signal strength. The functions help to escape interference with other mobile frequencies, as the system will alarm on self-oscillation.

    4) Auto shut-off
    In case of deep interference with other operators’ networks, the booster will automatically shut off. The function is available both for uplink and downlink.

    5) OMT and OMC (Optional)
    OMT and OMC are monitoring software systems used to control installed cell phone booster systems locally and remotely. OMT is able to monitor 100 boosters, OMC – 3000 units, showing each single unit. OMC and OMT remote control software are optional for DS10,15,20 digital booster models.

  • RF Parameter
    Frequency RangeUplinkDownlink
    Max. GainUplinkDownlink
    Max. Output PowerUplinkDownlink
    Band width
    Supports up to 8 sub bands or 12 channels. Bands are tunable and movable.
    MGC ( Step Attenuation )
    ≥ 31dB / 1dB step
    ≧ 30dB, auto gain setting
    Gain Flatness
    ≤3dB (p-p)
    ≤ 2dB/ 3.84MHz
    Typical≤3~6dB (p-p)
    Noise Figure
    ≤ 6dB
    l≤ 2
    Group Delay
    ≤ 8μs
    LED Alarm
    Power LED
    Power indicator
    Orange @ ALC 1~5dB, Red @ ALC 20dB~25dB
    Local Monitoring
    PC via USB or Ethernet Port
    Remote Monitoring
    Via SMS or GPRS
    Controlled Parameters
    Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm Enable, etc.
    Monitoring Parameters
    Gain, Frequency, Repeater ON/OFF, Alarm message, etc.
    Alarm Items
    Repeater Failure, DC Failure, ALC Alarm, PLL Failure
    Mechanical Parameter
    I /O Port
    220*250*55 mm
    Booster Weight
    9,5 KG
    Electrical Parameter
    Power Supply
    Input AC100~240V,output DC12V/7A
    50 ohm
    Environment Parameter
    Operating Temperature
    Relative humidity
    5% - 95%
    Environment Conditions
    Barometric pressure
    55 kPa -106 kPa


Digital signal booster
Digital signal booster
Indoor antenna (optional)
Outdoor antenna (optional)
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