Mobile Provider Frequencies

Frequencies for mobile operators in Italy

Italy has more than 90 million subscribers what makes more than 150% of penetration rate (the population of the country is about 60 million).

Four big mobile carriers operate in the country: Tim, Vodafone, Wind and 3. They provide GSM, 3G and 4G signal over the territory. However, even they often fail to provide stable and clear reception.

Frequencies for mobile operators in Spain

Spain is a large country with approximately 47 million people. But the total number of subscribers is more than 50 million what makes almost 110% of penetration rate.

Frequencies for mobile operators in Belgium

Small in territory Belgium is not small in terms of population – more than 11 million people. However, penetration rate of mobile networks is even higher – more than 14 million subscribers. Thus, it is about 125%.

Frequencies for mobile operators in Denmark

Denmark, being not a big country with population of about 6 million people, has more than 8 million mobile subscribers. Thus, penetration rate is more than 140%.

Table with all frequencies for EU operators

Here is the list of EU countries, carriers and frequencies they run on. Just find your country, mobile operator and you’ll see the operating frequencies.

This information will help you to find the mobile phone signal booster that will solve exactly your problem with mobile signal.

Frequencies for Meteor

Meteor logo

Meteor operator is hardly known to people all over the world. The reason is rather simple: it is wholly Irish operator. We cannot say that this provider holds leading positions in the region. But at the same time we cannot say that it is a small and irrelevant player. As of June 2016, it had a little bit more than 1 million subscribers what composes almost 20% of the Irish population.

Frequencies for O2

Owned by the Spanish multinational Telefonica O2 is one of the biggest operators in the UK. It has about 25 million customers – the second result in the Kingdom after a giant EE Limited. Moreover, the company can proudly name itself a leader in satisfaction criteria – the survey showed the highest one in comparison with other operators. And this happened 7 times in a row! O2 runs all major networks such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

Frequencies for EE Limited

Every British for sure knows what EE is. No wonder: this so much rapidly growing provider now reaches almost every corner in the UK. See for yourself: 4G EE network covers more than 97% of all people in the country (this is why the company is the largest 4G provider in Europe). Other figures are also impressive. 98% of the population are covered with 3G signal and with 2G - even more than 99%!

Frequencies for Three

Three, a brand name for a few mobile networks which operate on UMTS frequencies, is rather huge provider that, however, has presence not in every corner of the world. Nevertheless, most people in Europe not only have heard about it. Instead, they are active subscribers with the whole number over 30 million. Given that Three was founded not so long ago, in 2002, we may consider this result impressive.

Frequencies for Orange

If you ask the inhabitants of half of the world, what mobile operator they use, many of them will definitely answer Orange. Orange S.A. or formerly France Télécom S.A., is a French telecommunications corporation. The company started as a local operator in France, and extended up to global mobile network provider. It can boast of about 170,000 employees and 263 million clients worldwide.