Large Area

Ready-made Amplifier Solutions for Large Areas Up to 2000 m2

This Huaptec ready-made 3G, GSM, LTE booster solution is intended for a zone of more than 12 rooms (up to 2000 m2). You can use the system in a large house with a few storeys, offices, parking lots, shops, business centers, schools, etc.     

Ready for use!

Huaptec booster solution is all you need for efficient signal amplification. You won’t have to bare extra costs on accessories or other items. We took care of a complete kit and made it ready for the area of more than 12 rooms. Our solution includes powerful booster, indoor and outdoor panel antennas, cables and mountings.    

For Your Network!

Ready-made solution is suitable for any network. Just check what you wish to improve – GSM/DCS for calls, 3G/4G for mobile Internet or everything combined – and choose the appropriate solution from the catalogue below. In case you need advice, please, Contact Us! Or use our easy Booster Finder.