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Would you like an ouside point of view?! Techradar has recently published a big profound review on HiBoost cell phone signal boosters and we hasten to share it with you!

LCD Display Description

Smart HiBoost mobile signal boosters come with an innovative LCD display. Learn about LCD functions in the article below.

Huaptec at MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona is the world's largest and the most influential event for mobile and related industries. Last year it had a record-breaking 94,000+ attendees from 200 countries, including  Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Dell, Google,...

Did You Know You Talk on a Mobile Phone on EGSM Standard?

If you think you talk on a mobile phone on GSM standard you're let's say partly wrong. All mobile operators worldwide switched to EGSM long time ago. What is EGSM?

When You May Need a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Such an embarrassing situation when you turn out of the coverage in the least suitable moment. We bet you faced it not once in your life. On the weekend in a summer cottage, at work in the business center or just in your home mobile connection constantly let us down. Why does it happen and how to escape it?  

5 Reasons Why Huaptec

What makes you trust the product? Original production, reasonable balance of price and quality, brand? And what if we offer all in one?
Poor mobile signal occurs even today in the era of global smartphonization. And especially for the reason of such a large-scale phone use...

Repeaters for Industrial Use

Ready-made Industrial Solutions