How It Works

 Everything you may need to know about how a mobile signal booster works and how the system installation is performed. Also find a glossary here to make out some mobile communication terms you may not be familiar with.  

How to Understand What Frequency Your Phone Receives

We at Huaptec very often see the following situation: clients do not know what kind of frequency is used in their area. This information is very important as it helps to understand what problem with mobile signal exists. Knowing frequency and signal power, we can provide you with the best possible solution – propose you the booster that solves exactly your signal problem.

How Booster Works

Mobile signal booster from Huaptec is a smart device used to enhance poor cell phone signal. It’s compact, elegant and light and is extremely easy to install and use. 

How To Install

Icon How To Install a cell phone booster

Huaptec boosters is an efficient solution for poor mobile signal coverage. But before you can take full advantage of the amplifying system, you should install it properly. The installation procedure is rather easy.